ITV Forced To Respond After Being Flooded With ‘Love Island’ Complaints


ITV has been forced to respond to backlash after viewers flooded them with complaints.

The new series of the hugely popular show launched this week, with fans already loving the personalities in the villa.

During last night’s episode, Love Island fans were touched and proud when contestant Tasha shared with the group that she wears a cochlear implant.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their delight at Love Island casting its first deaf contestant.

However, many were quick to point out that despite this positive step, the show ironically still doesn’t have subtitles for deaf viewers.

After being flooded with complaints, ITV responded and offered an apology.

They wrote:

We’re sorry for the disappointment. We’re working on subtitle offering including on the live streams so watch this space!

Let’s hope the subtitles come sooner rather than later.

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