Jake Paul Gets Ripped to Shreds after Claiming ‘America is the Greatest Country in the World’


s Jake Paul has been ripped apart online after claiming that ‘America is the greatest country in the world’.

The 25-year-old who called Bitcoin the ‘best investment of his life’ right before it tanked has tweeted:

“America is the greatest country in the world, no nation compares even when times are bad,

Happy 4th and God bless America.”

See below:

Perhaps slightly in bad taste, considering the year we’ve had – deadly mass shootings in schools and the reversal of some major and basic rights for women, Paul still claims there is “no nation better”…

People were fast to jump on Paul, saying:

 “Can’t even lie the UK stomps on the US, better healthcare, better education system, better standards of living and we probably have far more equality than anywhere else.”

“I don’t know how exactly to determine which country is the best… but maybe start with a country where children aren’t hunted down and slaughtered in schools? A country where blacks people aren’t being publicly executed purely for being black. Just a thought.”

Do you agree?

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