Jared Leto Confuses Fans As He Becomes the First Person to Climb the Empire State Building


In an unexpected turn of events, multi-talented artist Jared Leto added a surprising achievement to his list of accomplishments—he became the first person to climb a portion of the iconic Empire State Building in New York City. Known for his roles as a musician and actor, Leto left fans bewildered with his newfound title as an Empire State Building climber.

While Leto didn’t conquer the full height of the 443-meter structure, including its spire and antenna, he successfully ascended from floor 86 to 104. The daring feat, completed in approximately 20 minutes, marked a milestone that no other person had legally achieved before.

In an interview with Today after the climb, Leto expressed his excitement, admitting that he was ‘more excited than nervous.’ However, he acknowledged the unexpected challenges of the endeavor, saying, “But I have to be honest, it was very, very hard. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Just the endurance that it took, the stamina that it took, and it was very sharp.”

The news of Leto’s unconventional climb left fans perplexed, prompting questions about the purpose and motivation behind the stunt. One fan questioned, “What is the point of this lol,” while another pondered, “Yes. But, WHY, tho?” A playful comment joked, “Somebody tell Spider-Man that Morbius has been spotted scaling the Empire State Building.”

Contrary to assumptions of a whimsical endeavor, Leto’s decision to climb the iconic building was driven by a purpose—to celebrate the launch of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ 2024 tour. The tour follows the release of the band’s latest album, “It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day.” Leto’s fascination with the Empire State Building, rooted in childhood, turned the climb into a meaningful and bucket-list-worthy experience.

Reflecting on the significance of the building, Leto shared his emotional connection with New York City, stating, “Ever since I was a kid, New York stood for the place that you went to make your dreams come true. And as a young kid, I wanted to be an artist, and New York was the place that you came to be an artist. And the Empire State Building was always that symbol for me.”

While Leto was secured by ropes during the ascent as a safety precaution, the physical and mental challenges of the climb left an impact. Humorously, he quipped that the next climb on his agenda was “in to bed,” indicating a well-deserved rest after this daring adventure.

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