Jason Aldean Pauses Performance to Slam ‘Cancel Culture’ as Crowd Chants ‘USA!’


In recent days, Jason Aldean, the 46-year-old country singer, found himself at the center of controversy when his latest single and music video, ‘Try That in a Small Town,’ faced backlash.

The visuals of him performing at a historic lynching site in Tennessee ignited criticism, with some claiming the song took a swipe at the Black Lives Matter protests that emerged after the tragic death of George Floyd in 2020. Furthermore, the lyrics warning troublemakers in the narrator’s neighborhood have been deemed offensive.

The outcry was strong, with social media and fellow artists like Sheryl Crow expressing their disapproval. As a consequence, the country music channel CMT removed the music video from rotation. In response to the mounting criticism, Aldean took to Twitter to vehemently defend his song, denying any racial implications and asserting that the track was about a sense of community that he experienced growing up.

The country singer drew upon his personal experiences, highlighting that he was present during the tragic 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival. He expressed the pain of witnessing such heart-wrenching events and stressed that he, like everyone else, wants a world without constant headlines of violence and tragedy.

Aldean acknowledged that he has never shied away from sharing his political views and recognized that differing opinions exist on how to restore a sense of normalcy in the country. He reiterated that the song’s essence lies in the yearning for a better future, free from turmoil and strife.

Recently, at the Riverbend Center in Cincinnati, Jason Aldean addressed the criticism once again before a live audience. He admitted that it had been a challenging week for him but firmly upheld the importance of respecting different perspectives. Proudly expressing his love for the country, he emphasized his desire to see it restored to its former glory, unburdened by the issues plaguing it.

The singer also touched upon the subject of cancel culture, denouncing the attempt to silence individuals who express unpopular opinions. He praised country music fans for standing by him and seeing through the negativity. Aldean felt humbled and grateful for the overwhelming support he received.

Moreover, Jason Aldean reflected on the values of his devoted fans, emphasizing their desire to live in a world where they can take their children to the movies without fear of mass shootings. The concert-goers responded enthusiastically, cheering on the artist as he performed ‘Try That in a Small Town.’

In conclusion, the recent controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s song and music video sparked a passionate defense from the country singer himself. Amidst the accusations and criticisms, he stood firm in his belief that the song was about community and a longing for a better future. As he faced the crowd in Cincinnati, Aldean reiterated his love for the country and gratitude for the unwavering support of his fans. The incident also prompted him to reflect on the issue of cancel culture and the power of standing united in the face of adversity.

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