Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father Thinks He Knows What’s to Blame for Son Becoming Serial Killer


Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s father thinks he knows what is to blame for his son becoming a serial killer.

The new series on NetflixMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ has received a lot of hype online.

It’s a dramatization of the story of Dahmer, who was convicted of the horrific killing of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

Dahmer also admitted to being a cannibal and eating the flesh of his victims.

He would drug and sexually assault his victims – even sometimes performing twisted experiments on them.

The serial killer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences but was beaten to death by an inmate in 1994.

In the series, we see Richard Jenkins play Dahmer’s father Lionel. In one of the episodes, Lionel admits what he thinks ‘started this whole thing’.

In the series, he said:

 “You do know that pills are what started this whole thing. How many pills you think she was on when she was pregnant with him? Thousands. She was on sleeping pills, sedatives, seizure medication.”

This is not something that has been backed by science or ever officially confirmed. He then goes on to say:

“She never even held him. She scared the s**t out of him. And then she just left. She got in her car, and she drove away, and she left that kid in that house all summer.”

In real life, Lionel told CBS’ Inside Edition:

“My ex-wife had been taking about 26 tablets of different medications about one month after becoming pregnant,”

Lionel’s second wife, Shari, spoke out about Jeffrey on a TV special called ‘Dahmer on Dahmer’: 

“When Jeff was born, the grandparents were not allowed to hold the baby,”

“Joyce didn’t want anyone touching the baby, or breathing on it. She was afraid of germs.”

Watch the Netflix trailer below:

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