Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Mom Sold the Actor’s Used Toilet on Craigslist


In a surprising revelation, Jennifer Lawrence recently shared a peculiar anecdote during an interview with PEOPLE magazine.

While discussing her upcoming film “No Hard Feelings” with co-star Andrew Barth Feldman, Lawrence divulged a rather amusing real-life experience involving her mother and an unexpected Craigslist transaction.

In the film, two concerned parents seek a woman on Craigslist to date their shy teenage son and help boost his confidence.

Lawrence plays the role of Feldman’s date in the movie, which prompted her to recall a personal connection to the popular online marketplace. With a tone of disbelief, Feldman responded with a shocked “woah!” as Lawrence began her tale.

The Academy Award-winning actress explained that her mother had once sold her used toilet on Craigslist. However, she was quick to clarify that it was not as unhygienic as it may sound. In an intriguing twist of fate, the buyer happened to be none other than Lee Eisenberg, the writing partner of Gene Stupnitsky, the director of “No Hard Feelings.”

Lawrence shared the amusing details, stating, “Years ago, Lee Eisenberg bought a toilet on Craigslist from my mom. My toilet.” It appears that the commode had been broken, and Lawrence needed to find a way to dispose of it. Taking matters into her own hands, she enlisted her mother’s help, who took the initiative to sell it online.

With a touch of humor, Lawrence recounted the incident, saying, “I’m like, ‘I broke it.’ My mom sold it for me.” The actress has previously acknowledged the complex dynamics of her relationship with her parents, particularly during her journey to pursue a career in acting.

She expressed gratitude for her parents’ unwavering support, stating, “My parents, you know — changed their entire lives to support me.” However, there were times when Lawrence’s adventurous spirit and mischievous nature tested the patience of her parents, leading to unconventional measures.

Recalling her teenage years, she reminisced, “My parents were just—you know, they would go through periods of time where they just wanted me outta the house. And it was called a lockout.” Lawrence described instances where her parents would lock the door, leaving her to find alternative ways to occupy her time until they were ready to “deal with” her again.

In fact, Lawrence’s mischievous tendencies extended to her school days. She confessed to fabricating stories for amusement, sharing an incident where she pretended to have a wooden leg. She walked with an exaggerated limp, successfully convincing her classmates and teachers of her fictional ailment.

She recalled the aftermath of her charade, stating, “When my mom came to get me from school, my teachers were, like, ‘It’s awful what happened to Jennifer’s leg.’ And my mom was, like, ‘She does not have—she’s—her leg has not been amputated.’ I used to just invent stories just to invent them.”

Lawrence admitted to being a handful during her youth but expressed self-awareness regarding her own “annoyingness.” Despite the occasional challenges, it is evident that Lawrence’s unique upbringing and spirited personality have contributed to her success and endearing charm.

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