Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Prove their ‘Commitment’ with Matching Tattoos


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are proving that their love is strong and everlasting with matching tattoos.

The celebrity couple, who recently got married in August 2022, celebrated their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple with coordinated tattoos that express their commitment to each other.

On Tuesday, Lopez posted a series of Instagram snaps showing off her new infinity sign tattoo with an arrow striking through the middle.

The symbol, which was located on her left ribcage, had “Jennifer” written on one end and “Ben” on the other.

The post was captioned with the words, “Commitment ♾️ Happy Valentine’s Day my love 🤍,” and accompanied by hashtags such as “#CommitmentIsSexy #ThisIsUsThen #ThisIsUsNow #ThisIsMeNow.”

Similarly, Affleck got two overlapping arrows tattooed right below his armpit with a “J” and a “B” inscribed between the shafts.

The matching tattoos represent the couple’s strong commitment to each other and their relationship.

Apart from the tattoos, Lopez also shared a series of intimate photos with her husband, including two throwback pictures from the early 2000s, when the couple first met on the set of their movie, “Gigli.”

In one particular shot, the two seemed to be recreating the singer’s “Jenny from the Block” music video, which featured the couple lounging on a yacht while Affleck grabbed her backside.

The couple’s Valentine’s Day celebration showcased their strong love for each other. It is evident that their relationship has evolved since their first romance in the early 2000s. They went their separate ways before reuniting in 2021 and eventually tying the knot in August 2022. Their love has only grown stronger since then.

The couple’s tattoos and PDA-packed snaps show that they are not afraid to express their love and commitment to each other.

It is a significant gesture that speaks volumes about their relationship. Lopez and Affleck’s matching tattoos are a symbol of the deep love they share and their commitment to each other.

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