Jennifer Lopez Breaks Silence after Gwyneth Paltrow Rated Ben Affleck’s Bedroom Skills


In a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez shared her admiration for her husband of a year, Ben Affleck, following comments made about him by his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow on a podcast.

Speaking on The View, Jennifer praised Ben’s parenting abilities and described him as “the best dad I’ve ever seen.”

She further commented on his involvement with their children, stating that he teaches her how to interact with them at times.

Jennifer praised Ben’s knowledge and application of child-rearing techniques, saying that he must have read every book and learned everything possible about children.

When asked about their relationship, she responded that “as different things happen in your life, you realize what’s really important.”

Jennifer’s comments come in the wake of Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where she compared Ben’s bedroom skills to those of her other ex-partner Brad Pitt.

When asked who was better in the bedroom, Gwyneth replied that “that is really hard because Brad was like major chemistry love of your life kind of at the time and then Ben was like technically excellent.”

She was also asked to compare the two actors’ talents, to which she replied that they were both very talented, but Brad was the more talented actor in terms of the range of roles he had played.

In conclusion, Jennifer’s recent interviews demonstrate her love and admiration for her husband Ben Affleck.

Despite comments made about him by his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer remains steadfast in her belief that he is an amazing dad and a brilliant guy who is in tune with his children.

For her, what’s really important is being present, loving, and caring, and Ben embodies all of those qualities in his role as a husband and father.

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