Jennifer Lopez Sparks Concerns as Instagram Posts Vanish


Jennifer Lopez has caused some concern among her fans as some of her Instagram posts have vanished.

The 53-year-old singer recently changed her profile picture on the app to a blank black pic as well as deleting some old snaps, causing serious concern.

On Wednesday, fans noticed that all of the star’s previous posts had been erased and her profile pic had been deleted.

The same can be said for her account on Twitter – her profile pic on the bird app has also been deleted and is now blank.

However, her tweets remain, meaning the singer decided to delete her Insta pics but not her entire online presence.

When celebs delete their entire Insta backlog, it sometimes means they are preparing for a whole new re-brand or that a massive announcement is about to be made.

jLo fans have been speculating on Twitter:

“She’s definitely about to announce something huge!!! It’s nothing to be worried about guys,”

“So strange that J-Lo has basically deleted her Instagram. What’s that about?,”


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