Jennifer Love Hewitt Hits Back after Fans Flood Comment Section Saying She Looks Different


Jennifer Love Hewitt, the celebrated actress, found herself at the center of attention on social media due to a striking transformation in her appearance. Her recent hair makeover, featuring a fiery red hue and a chic bob cut with trendy curtain bangs, set off a flurry of comments on social media platforms, with some observers noting perceived changes in her facial features.

While many of her devoted fans filled her comments section with compliments and admiration for her bold new look, others couldn’t help but speculate about potential cosmetic procedures. Comments such as “She was beautiful before she had the work done. Still beautiful but a totally different face” and “Am I trippin or in the multiverse, because she looks a bit different” began to circulate.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, not one to shy away from addressing such matters, decided to respond directly to the speculation about her appearance. On September 3, through her Instagram Stories, she posted a series of photos of herself using various filters that significantly altered her look. In a light-hearted manner, she captioned the post: “So many people said I look different… I look the same as always. Couldn’t look more natural… Filters don’t change you that much.”

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However, Hewitt didn’t stop at humor; she also delivered a thoughtful message to her followers. “But seriously let people be filtered or unfiltered,” she added. “Be good. Be kind. Spread love.”

Yet, the actress went a step further to address specific rumors about undergoing cosmetic procedures. In her own words, she clarified, “I don’t usually do this, but I’ve had a lot of people say that I’ve had a brow-lifting procedure. I didn’t even know you could lift your brows like that. The only thing that I’ve done is microblading with Audrey [Glass].”

In addition to sharing this clarification, Hewitt generously shared some of her beauty secrets with her followers. She expressed her fondness for Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line and, in particular, praised the new Brow Harmony Flexible Lifting Gel.

“I have been using this product, and I’m noticing people bringing up my brows,” she explained. “Selena, ‘Thank you.’ I love it, so I’m going to put it up so that you know what it is, but that’s what it is. That is the brow-lifting that people are talking about. That’s all I got.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt chose not to delve into the specifics of any potential cosmetic changes but did hint at the significance of her haircut with a meaningful quote card on her August 29 Instagram Story: “When a woman wants to change her life, she cuts her hair short.” With grace and humor, she responded to the attention surrounding her appearance, ultimately sending a message of self-acceptance and kindness to her followers.

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