Joe Exotic’s Doctors think he has Bladder Cancer, Refusing Treatment


Joe Exotic, the infamous former zoo operator and star of the popular Netflix series “Tiger King,” has reportedly decided to forgo further treatment for his prostate cancer.

According to a letter obtained by TMZ, Joe’s medical team believes that the cancer has spread to his bladder, and he has been experiencing significant bleeding during his treatments.

Although his specialist has recommended further testing, Joe has decided not to pursue any additional treatment. In the letter, he states, “I want to stay here and just let it take its course.”

Joe’s health situation has taken a turn for the worse recently, with his urology specialist believing that his cancer has spread to his bladder.

Despite this, Joe remains focused on his fight for justice and exposing the corruption he perceives in the justice system.

In the letter, he says, “The world has to know just how corrupt our justice system is … If I have to be the one to die innocent in here fighting for the truth maybe people around the world will finally speak up for the truth for once.”

Furthermore, Joe recently updated his will, leaving everything to his fiancé, Seth Posey.

He expresses his desire to see Seth, stating, “I could care less about dying, my birthday is coming up soon and all I want is to see Seth.”

Joe’s decision not to pursue further treatment means that he is likely to spend the remainder of his days behind bars. He is currently serving a prison sentence of 22 years after being convicted on charges of animal abuse and attempting to hire a hitman to kill his rival, Carole Baskin.

Exotic has reportedly chosen to let his prostate cancer take its course and will not seek further treatment. Despite his health situation, he remains committed to his fight for justice and exposing what he perceives as corruption in the justice system. As he faces the possibility of spending the remainder of his days behind bars, his thoughts remain focused on his fiancé and his desire to see him.

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