Joe Rogan Reveals the One Thing that Would Make him Leave the UFC


Joe Rogan has revealed the one thing that would make him leave the UFC. 

The commentator first appeared on the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1997 and became a commentator full time in 2002.

Rogan’s commentating partner Mike Goldberg left the UFC world after 20 years on the job and it’s hard to imagine a fight without Rogan’s voice but he has revealed that he will only leave when the president of the UFC, Dana White, leaves – claiming that its “in [his] contract”.

See below:

Rogan recently came under fire after suggesting you could shoot homeless people dead in order to steal their possessions.

While talking with comedian Tom Segura on his podcast, the pair ended up on the topic of rough sleepers and how their property is protected under law.

As you can probably imagine, this caused huge outrage for the commentator.

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