Joe Rogan’s Dad Claims ‘Money went to his Head’ with his Spotify Future being Questioned


Joe Rogan’s father has made a claim that ‘the money went to his head’ following controversy surrounding comments that have now been described as antisemitic.

Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience, has recently been facing criticism after discussing US Representative Ilhan Omar and her tweet from 2019 which referred to $100 bills and the idea that Republicans were critical of her comments about Israel because ‘it’s all about the Benjamins, baby’.

Rogan argued that this comment was not antisemitic and stated that it was ridiculous to suggest that Jewish people were not interested in money.

His comments have been described as antisemitic by some, including the director of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt.

The controversy has led to questions about whether Rogan’s future with Spotify, where The Joe Rogan Experience has exclusive rights, is secure.

Last year, Spotify released guidelines stating that content should avoid inciting violence or hatred towards a person or group of people based on race or religion, or making dehumanizing statements about a person or group.

While a source familiar with Spotify stated that Rogan’s comments did adhere to the company’s policies, another insider claimed that conversations were being held at Spotify about whether the guidelines should be amended.

Rogan’s estranged father, Joe Rogan Sr., has also weighed in on the matter, claiming that ‘the money went to his head’ and that his son ‘fools people’.

However, Rogan has not responded to the criticism or controversy surrounding his comments, which has only added fuel to the fire.

The director of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, has expressed his disappointment at Rogan’s comments and lack of response, stating that his ‘antisemitic tropes about Jews and money’ are disturbing. Greenblatt also criticized Spotify for ignoring the issue entirely. In response, a spokesperson for Spotify has stated that the company remains committed to enforcing its platform rules and providing a safe experience for all users.

This is not the first time Rogan has faced backlash for comments made on his podcast. However, this controversy comes at a critical time as his deal with Spotify is set to conclude in 2023.

The situation raises questions about the responsibilities of podcast hosts and streaming platforms to ensure that content is not offensive or harmful to individuals or groups.

Rogan’s comments regarding Ilhan Omar and Jewish people have sparked controversy, with some describing them as antisemitic.

The situation has raised questions about the guidelines set by streaming platforms such as Spotify and the responsibilities of podcast hosts to ensure that their content is not offensive or harmful. It remains to be seen whether this controversy will affect Rogan’s future with Spotify or whether he will address the issue publicly.

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