John Stamos Recalls finding Girlfriend in Bed with Tony Danza


John Stamos, renowned for his role in “Full House,” has unveiled an intriguing and tumultuous chapter from his past in his memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me.” In the book, Stamos recounts a shocking incident from the 1980s when he stumbled upon his then-girlfriend, model Teri Copley, in bed with fellow actor Tony Danza.

The story unfolds with Stamos experiencing a disconcerting shift in his girlfriend’s behavior. He described how she had gone from answering his calls with excitement to giving him the cold shoulder. Concerned by her sudden silence, he started to suspect that something was amiss. His sense of unease grew when he realized that her ex-husband was in town, prompting him to take immediate action.

Upon reaching her home, Stamos encountered an eerie scene. The house was shrouded in darkness, and there was no sign of life inside, despite a car parked in the driveway. Curiosity compelled him to investigate further, and he peered into the vehicle, discovering an unfamiliar poster featuring his girlfriend in a partially nude state, covered only by a thin sheet. Stamos was left in disbelief as he had never seen this poster before.

Unable to enter the house through the front or side doors, Stamos recalled that he and Copley had spent nights in the guesthouse located in the backyard. Approaching the guesthouse, he noticed that the blinds were drawn, but the door was slightly ajar. His heart sank as he observed two pairs of feet sticking out from beneath a duvet. The sight was a shocking revelation that left him in emotional turmoil.

Stamos described the moment as his “worst nightmare.” Overwhelmed by sadness, anger, and confusion, he debated how to proceed. Ultimately, he chose to leave the scene hastily, albeit not without taking a souvenir – the poster that had caused this devastating discovery.

While driving away, a particular Elton John song playing on the radio triggered a realization. The lyrics “Hold me closer, Tony Danza” led Stamos to the identity of his girlfriend’s companion in bed that fateful night, Tony Danza.

This revelation about his past relationship was not an easy one for Stamos to share. Still, it provides a glimpse into the dramatic and tumultuous events that have shaped his life.

The shocking revelation of the affair with Tony Danza is one of several personal revelations that John Stamos unveils in his candid memoir. He also delves into his tumultuous relationship with his ex-wife, Rebecca Romijn, and the intense emotions he experienced during their difficult divorce. Stamos admitted that he held deep resentment towards her for an extended period, describing his initial post-divorce feelings as hate and animosity.

Moreover, Stamos courageously disclosed a deeply personal and traumatic experience from his childhood, revealing that he had been sexually assaulted by his babysitter when he was just a child. While this topic was not the central focus of his memoir, he believed it was essential to discuss it, emphasizing that he didn’t want it to define his story but felt compelled to address it.

John Stamos’s memoir touches on the complexities of his life, featuring not only the glamour and success of his Hollywood career but also the turbulent and often painful experiences that have profoundly influenced his journey. It serves as a window into his past, offering a deeper understanding of the man behind the beloved TV roles.

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