John Travolta Leads Tributes After Legendary Actor Dies Aged 71


Beloved Hollywood veteran Treat Williams, known for his exceptional talent and compassionate nature, has been showered with an outpouring of love and admiration from numerous celebrities following his tragic demise in a motorbike accident. Esteemed figures such as John Travolta, Sharon Stone, Billy Baldwin, and Kim Cattrall paid heartfelt tributes to the 71-year-old star, describing him as ‘smart,’ ‘compassionate,’ and possessing a ‘heart of gold.’

Travolta took to his Instagram story on Monday with a throwback snap from his time on Broadway with Williams

The devastating incident occurred when Williams was involved in a collision with a Honda motorcycle while riding his own motorbike near his Vermont ranch. The news of his passing prompted Travolta, 69, to express his grief on Instagram, sharing a poignant snapshot from their days as Broadway co-stars and emphasizing the void left by Williams’ absence. Stone, 65, took to her Instagram story to share a news headline about the tragedy, adding the words, ‘Sad news rest in peace brother.’

Baldwin, celebrated for his role in the film “Backdraft,” turned to Twitter to honor Williams, lauding his intelligence, compassion, and his heart of gold. The cherished actor, a father of two, succumbed to his injuries at the hospital after a collision with Honda driver Ryan M. Koss, 35. Koss had signaled a left turn into a parking lot when the accident occurred at approximately 4:53 PM in Dorset on Monday.

The Vermont State Police revealed that no arrests have been made, and an investigation into the incident is currently underway. Reflecting on Williams’ passing, his agent Barry McPherson expressed profound devastation, describing him as the epitome of kindness and talent. Williams had been an actor’s actor, beloved by filmmakers and a central figure in Hollywood since the late 1970s. McPherson further highlighted Williams’ satisfaction with his recent performances and his well-rounded career.

Baldwin continued to pay homage on Twitter, marveling at Williams’ remarkable attributes: intelligence, talent, humor, charm, success, handsomeness, compassion, and a heart of gold. He stressed Williams’ genuine concern for the world, from climate change and social justice to freedom, truth, tolerance, and love. Describing him as a beloved figure in the eyes of his family, friends, fans, colleagues, and community, Baldwin mourned the tremendous loss and bid farewell to Williams, urging him to rest in power.

Travolta reminisced about his shared experiences with Williams on Broadway, particularly their roles in “Grease” and “Over Here” in New York City. Expressing deep sorrow, he conveyed his condolences to Williams’ family and affirmed that the departed actor would be sorely missed. Kim Cattrall, renowned for her role in “Sex and the City,” commemorated their collaboration in the 1999 TV movie “36 Hours to Die,” expressing her shock and extending sympathies to Williams’ family.

Wendell Pierce, Williams’ co-star in the HBO TV movie “Confirmation” (2016), conveyed his tribute through social media, reminiscing about their short but significant friendship. Pierce admired Williams’ passionate, adventurous, and creative spirit, noting that his influence was infectious. Despite only working together on one film, they occasionally connected over the years, and Williams always offered kind and generous support and advice.

Justine Bateman, reflecting on their shared experience in the 1991 play “Speed the Plow,” expressed her devastation at the loss of her dear friend. Bateman fondly remembered their time together, emphasizing Williams’ unparalleled talent and conveying her love for him. James Woods, alongside a throwback photo of him and Williams, recalled their time spent filming “Once Upon a Time in America” in Rome.

RIP to a legend.

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