‘John Wick 4’ Will be the Longest ‘John Wick’ Movie Yet


John Wick fans will be excited to know that the new instilaton in the franchise will be the longest one yet.

Filmmaker Chad Stahelski confirmed to Collider that they are only a few weeks away from the final cut being ready and that ‘John Wick:4’ will be the longest movie yet.

Stahelski said:

“It’s longer than the other three, but not that long,”

“We’re on the final stretch for picture lock, and then we have our VFX, music. But this is the furthest along I’ve ever been, this much in post. We love the music that we’ve got so far. We still have Tyler Bates doing the composition on some of the bigger sequences. VFX are going to be coming in throughout the rest of the year. But we’re dangerously close.”

“In our edit, as far as our picture lock goes, we’re within a few minutes of locking,”

“Our sequences are done. The movie is essentially done. There’s probably another few weeks of tweaking overall, then we lock picture and we’re about music, sound and the effects.”

How exciting!

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