Johnny Depp Declares He is a Victim of Domestic Violence as he Gives Testimony


Johnny Depp has declared that he is a victim of domestic violence as he gave his testimony on Monday.

Depp launched a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard in 2019, after the Aquaman star described herself as a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 article she penned in The Washington Post. The trial began Monday 11 April in Fairfax, Virginia.

A voice recording between Depp and Heard was played to the courtroom and at the end of Depp’s testimony, he was asked by his lawyer:

“What did you say in response when Ms Heard said ‘tell the world Johnny, tell them I Johnny Depp, a man, am a victim too of domestic violence?’”

Mr Depp responded:

“I said yes, I am,”

Watch below:

After being questioned about aggressive text messages that Depp had sent to his friend Paul Bettany, saying ‘Let’s burn Amber.’ and ‘Let’s drown her before we burn her. I will f*** her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she’s dead.’ Depp responded by saying that he and Bettany had an “abstract sense of humour” in order to cope with a difficult situation. That it was never “intended to be real”.


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