Johnny Depp Responds to Pirates of the Caribbean Return Rumors


Johnny Depp has responded to recent rumors that have been circulating about returning to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, Captain Jack Sparrow fans will be left disappointed as he has denied this gossip.

The rumor began earlier this week when PopTopic claimed an unnamed source had shared Disney was “very interested in patching up their relationship” and they were “very hopeful” he would return as the infamous Captain.

The report claimed a $301m deal was being processed for the 59-year-old to return to the franchise.

However, a representative of Depp’s told E! News:

“This is made up.”

The amount of money allegedly offered in the deal is another sign that this information is false as $301m was the entire budget for the third instalment of the franchise, At World’s End. 

The figure appears to stem from the defamation trial with Amber Heard where Depp was asked if he would return to the Pirates franchise if he was offered $300m.

A sad day for Depp fans…

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