Johnny Depp Reunited with his Lawyer Camille Vasquez at a Rock Show


Johnny Depp was reunited with his lawyer Camille Vasquez at a rock show.

Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard have been in the spotlight frequently in the past few years thanks to their legal battle which concluded in Fairfax, Virginia last month with the jury siding with Depp.

The entire trial was televised and we all sat on the edge of our seats awaiting an outcome.

It wasn’t just the celebs that caught the public’s attention during the trial, however – Camille Vasquez became a huge hit with fans of Depp. Rumors even started circulating that the pair were dating…

The actor has been on tour with Jeff Beck and Depp’s legal team just happened to be in attendance at the concert in Prague.

The video went viral online, watch below:

Depp has been working a lot on his music and is even planning a reunion tour with his own group, Hollywood Vampires. 

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