Johnny Depp Will Return in Pirates of the Caribbean as Jack Sparrow


Johnny Depp will return to the Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jack Sparrow.

The actor is scheduled for a test shoot in the UK at the start of the new year, according to a new call sheet.

Inside sources claim that the new film’s working title is A Day At the Sea. 

The source claimed:

“Johnny is set to return as Captain Jack Sparrow and is scheduled to start filming at the beginning of February at a top secret location in the UK.

“Everything is in the early stages and there is still no director attached to the project, which is being called A Day At The Sea.

“Johnny is expected to do a test shoot in early February before the production gets fully underway.

“A call sheet has been distributed among those in the know.

“Bruce Hendricks, who worked on the first three films, is named as the Executive Producer on the new project.

“All the other details are being kept under lock and key. The whole project is shrouded in secrecy and Disney want to keep everything under wraps as best they can.”

Great news for Depp fans!

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