Johnny Depp’s NFTs Sell for $800k and He Donates Money to Charity Amber Heard Broke Promise To


Johnny Depp had donated a large sum of nearly $800,000 to the charity Amber Heard broke her promise to, from his NFT sales.

The actor launched his first NFT collection named Never Fear Truth this year, right before his defamation trial began with his ex wife.

While in court, it came out that Heard had failed to follow through with her pledge to donate $7 million of her divorce settlement to two different charities.

One was the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU and the second was The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

The Aquaman actress had claimed she could not afford to pay her full pledge due to legal fees she owed due to the trial with Depp.

Depp has corrected this by donating to both charities.

In a statement to RadarOnlineNever Fear Truth said:

“We are pleased to be able to confirm that nearly $800,000 in total donations.”

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