Jordan Peterson Called Out for Saying Sports Illustrated Model is ‘Not Beautiful’


Jordan Peterson has been called out on Twitter for saying a Sports Illustrated model is ‘not beautiful’.

The model, Yumi Nu, did a swimsuit cover with the publisher which was shared by New York Post on Twitter.

See the magazine cover below:

The clinical psychologist reacted to this tweet with something pretty controversial.

Peterson wrote, about the plus-size model:

 “Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

See below:

As expected, he got some serious backlash on the social media site as many had an issue with his opinion.

One Twitter user wrote:

“’Authoritarian’? Chunky women on magazine covers? You sound like a parody of you,”

Peterson responded to this tweet and added links to scientific studies about attractiveness. He said:

“It’s a conscious progressive attempt to manipulate & retool the notion of beauty, reliant on the idiot philosophy that such preferences are learned & properly changed by those who know better,”

“But don’t let the facts stop you,”

Many other users responded, backing the model’s cover debut, with comments like:

‘why do men feel the need to insult a woman’s APPEARANCE to make THEMSELVES feel better about how UGLY they are’

“Why do men feel it’s their duty to publicly pronounce their view on the attractiveness of women? Couldn’t you just keep it to yourself?”

The clinical psychologist has almost five million subscribers on Youtube.

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