Jordan Peterson’s Twitter Account Gets Suspended for Making a Comment About Elliot Page


Jordan Peterson’s Twitter account has been suspended temporarily after he made a controversial comment about Elliot Page.

The psychologist responded to an article about the actor celebrating his Umbrella Academy character transitioning from female to male on screen, reflecting his reality.

Many fans of the series have been supportive of this transition, however, Peterson was not.

The 60-year-old used Elliot’s dead name (referring to a trans person’s name given at birth) and claimed the actor had his ‘breasts removed by a criminal physician’.

The site flagged this tweet as ‘violating rules against hateful conduct’  and asked the psychologist to remove it.

Peterson spoke to The National Post and said he won’t be apologizing or removing the comments from his page. He also said:

“I penned an irritated tweet in response to one of the latest happenings on the increasingly heated culture war front,”

“There are no rules on Twitter except don’t do what we don’t like today.

“They are always applied post hoc by algorithms and idiots bent on maintaining their woke superiority.”

Peterson added that he would ‘rather die’ than remove his post.

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