Katy Perry ‘Gained Another Sister’ in Husband Orlando Bloom’s Ex-Wife


Katy Perry has admitted that it feels like she has ‘gained another sister’ in her husband’s ex-wife.

The singer, married to Orlando Bloom, appears to have gotten close with her spouse’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

Perry and Kerr, who both share children with actor Orlando Bloom, showed a surprising display of unity and friendship at the 20th Annual G’Day USA Arts Gala.

The two women, dressed in stunning attire, took to the red carpet and posed for photos together, showing that despite their connection to the same man, they choose to lead by love.

Katy, the 38-year-old singer, presented the Excellence in Arts award to Miranda and used the opportunity to address the media’s fascination with the dynamics of their blended family.

“Most of the media would like to see us mud wrestle, but we are here to lead by love because Miranda is love,” said Katy. “I’m so grateful for our modern blended family. It’s like I gained another sister.”

Miranda, the 39-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model and founder of KORA Organics, returned the sentiments in an interview with Extra.

“She knows me,” said Miranda. “We’re family. We go on holidays together. We spend all those special milestones together and those moments.”

Of Katy’s presentation of her award, Miranda said, “To have her present is incredible because she does know me so well and we do go through a lot, and at the end of the day we put our children’s needs first. That’s something I think is really important.”

Katy and Orlando got engaged in 2019 and share two-year-old daughter Daisy Dove.

Miranda and her husband Evan Spiegel have been married since 2017 and have two children, Myles and Hart.

Despite their past with Orlando, the women have shown that they are united in their love for their children and are setting an example of a modern, blended family.

As Katy said in her presentation, “Love comes in many family iterations.” And in this case, two women with a shared history have found a way to come together and support one another, proving that love truly conquers all.

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