Keanu Reeves Says He’s Been Married to Winona Ryder for Almost 30 Years


Keanu Reeves says he’s been married to Winona Ryder for almost 30 years.

Reeves claimed that thanks to a scene the pair filmed in 1992’s Dracula, they have been married for 29 years.

In an interview with Esquire, the 57-year-old read out a headline that stated:

‘Winona Ryder: I’ve been MARRIED to Keanu Reeves since we starred in 1992’s Dracula’

He then reads out the question:

“Are you and Winona technically married?”

He reacted:

“Winona says we are. [Francis Ford] Coppola says we are. So I guess we’re married under the eyes of God,”

Watch below:

In the scene, their characters tie the knot in a religious ceremony that Reeves claims was with real priests.

Ryder was the first to confirm fans suspicions, claiming while doing press in 2018:

“We actually got married in ‘Dracula,’”

The pair are now in separate romantic relationships but each has admitted that they had “big, healthy” crushes on each other in the past.

Too bad…

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