Kevin Costner Laughs Off Ex Wife’s ‘Outrageous’ Latest Demand


In a divorce battle that has seen its fair share of twists and turns, Kevin Costner’s lawyer has expressed astonishment at Christine Baumgartner’s recent request for $885,000 in attorney’s fees. The renowned actor’s estranged wife is seeking this substantial sum to argue a single issue in their ongoing divorce proceedings.

Costner’s attorney, the respected disso queen Laura Wasser, has responded with a fiery retort to Christine’s financial demand. Wasser clarified that the requested fees are intended for a mini-trial to address one specific issue within the prenuptial agreement: the enforceability of Christine’s waiver of spousal support.

Christine’s legal team contends that $885,000 is necessary to present their case effectively, with the intention that Kevin should bear this financial burden. Wasser, however, rebuts this claim by highlighting that, based on hourly rates, Christine’s lawyers would need to invest a staggering 1,106 hours to justify such a fee.

Wasser’s response does not mince words, characterizing Christine’s request as “nothing short of outrageous.” Additionally, Wasser points out that the judge has already indicated that the prenuptial agreement is enforceable, suggesting that Christine’s pursuit may lead her down a fruitless path.

Christine Baumgartner’s legal journey in the divorce proceedings has been marked by numerous setbacks. Notably, she has not only faced defeat in most of the legal battles, but she has also incurred more significant losses compared to what she could have settled for with Kevin. For instance, she initially sought $248,000 per month in child support, a figure Kevin vehemently rejected, proposing a more reasonable $63,000 instead. Despite Kevin’s subsequent offer to pay her $75,000 monthly, Christine chose to engage in a legal battle, ultimately leading to the judge’s decision that $63,000 was the appropriate amount.

Wasser further points out that Kevin Costner has already covered $300,000 in legal fees for Christine. Additionally, it is alleged that $105,000 was withdrawn from Kevin’s accounts to finance Christine’s legal team.

Perhaps most significantly, if Christine decides to challenge the prenuptial agreement and loses, she may find herself obligated to return over a million dollars provided by Kevin and bear the responsibility of covering his attorney’s fees.

The ongoing divorce saga between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner continues to unfold, marked by intense legal wrangling and substantial financial stakes. Wasser’s robust response underscores the complexity and high stakes of this celebrity divorce battle, leaving observers eagerly awaiting its eventual resolution.

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