Kevin Hart has Become One of the Highest Paid Hollywood Actors because of Genius Salary Trick


Becoming a Hollywood star isn’t just about talent, it’s also about strategic negotiations.

Long before a film hits the big screen, actors and their agents work tirelessly to ensure that they’re getting the best possible deal.

While some performers opt for a substantial upfront payment, others use a different approach to secure their earnings. One such example is Kevin Hart.

As one of Hollywood’s most recognizable names, Hart has starred in numerous films both at the cinema and on Netflix.

This means that if studios want him to feature in their upcoming project, they’ll have to offer him a lucrative deal.

Hart’s recent credits include The Man From Toronto, where he co-starred with Woody Harrelson, and Me Time alongside Mark Wahlberg.

One of his most successful movies to date is the Jumanji reboot sequel, Jumanji: The Next Level, which grossed over $800 million worldwide.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Hart disclosed his clever contract strategy.

Rather than taking a substantial upfront fee like most actors, he opts to receive a portion of the back end, which means he earns a percentage of the film’s profits after it’s released. This approach puts him in line for a significant windfall if the film performs well at the box office.

“I’m a ‘back end player’, so it’s not about what you take upfront,” Hart explained. “I don’t want upfront money for the movie, so I took less money and hoped that the movie would find amazing success because I’m a good partner. Because of the success of the movie, overall, you’re probably looking at between $25m to $30m, I would say.”

Hart’s decision to forego a big upfront payment and instead take a portion of the profits has proved to be a wise choice. However, he’s not the first actor to use this tactic. For example, Tom Hanks did the same for Forrest Gump and ended up earning around $70 million overall.

Similarly, Jack Nicholson only received a small amount upfront for playing the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman but ended up making between $40m and $60m after the film’s release.

In conclusion, becoming a successful Hollywood actor isn’t just about talent. It also requires strategic negotiations to secure the best possible deal.

Kevin Hart is one such actor who has found success by taking a portion of the back end instead of a substantial upfront payment. While this approach may not be suitable for everyone, it has proven to be a smart decision for Hart and other big names in the industry.

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