Khloe Kardashian Called ‘Brave’ For Posting Cellulite Bikini Pictures


Khloe Kardashian has earned praise from fans for sharing ‘unedited’ photos of herself in a bikini that shows some cellulite.

The pictures were taken by her younger sister, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe posted them on her social media accounts.

In the photos, Khloe is seen wearing a grey bikini, posing on a concrete patio, with one leg bent and her hair cascading down her back.

The images received positive comments from fans, who commended her for displaying her natural self, flaws and all.

The latest batch of bikini images came a day after Khloe posted seemingly flawless-looking snaps of herself in the same bikini, captioned with a heart emoji.

Khloe has previously admitted to using filters and editing apps to enhance her photos.

In 2016, she confessed to using airbrushing apps and filters, and has been criticized in the past for over-editing her images.

However, Khloe has also been open about the challenges of being a public figure and having her body ‘micro-analyzed’.

In a statement, she spoke about the pressure of being in the spotlight and being compared unfavorably to her siblings, Kim and Kourtney.

She also revealed that the constant scrutiny and judgment has been ‘too much to bear’.

Despite her previous use of filters and editing apps, Khloe has taken a step in a new direction by sharing ‘unedited’ photos of herself.

In the comments, fans praised her for showing her ‘natural’ self, applauding her for not over-editing her photos. One fan commented, “I love that this is raw and shows that she’s got some texture and cellulite! It’s always refreshing when celebs don’t over-edit their photos. MORE of this.”

The latest images come after a viral unedited bikini image of Khloe surfaced in April 2021.

After the unedited image began to make the rounds, it was reported that Khloe and her family were working overtime to wipe any trace of it from the internet.

Khloe addressed the drama on Instagram days later, as she shared live videos of herself to prove that her body ‘isn’t photoshopped’.

In conclusion, Khloe Kardashian has received praise from fans for sharing ‘unedited’ photos of herself in a bikini.

The images were taken by her sister, Kendall Jenner, and show Khloe in a more natural light, with cellulite on display. While Khloe has admitted to using filters and editing apps in the past, her decision to share ‘unedited’ photos has been applauded by fans who appreciate her authenticity.

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