Khloe Kardashian Won’t let Daughter Sleep at Sister Kourtney’s House


Khloe Kardashian has revealed that she will not allow her daughter True, to sleep at Kourtney’s house.

During Vanity Fair’s lie detecter web series, the Good American founder shared that she will never allow her 4-year-old to sleepover at her auntie Kourtney’s house, admitting that they “have too much fun” in the Barker/Kardahsian house.

Kourtney asks her sister:

“Are you ever gonna let True sleepover at my house?”

To which Khloe answers:

“Probably not…[because they] have too much fun.”

“No … I don’t think we have enough time on this show for what the reason is,”

Fans are now trying to guess the reason why, with some writing:

“I wonder if Khloe wont let True sleep at Kourts because there’s no yummy snacks there..all sugar free, gluten free lmao,”

“The way her children (mis)behave and the lack of respect they show towards their Nannies and parents… I’m not letting mine sleep over either.”

Watch below:

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