Kim Kardashian’s Comments about Struggling to Raise Four Kids with “No One There” Have Caused Debate


Kim Kardashian’s recent comments about the challenges of raising her four children without assistance have ignited a debate, with some accusing her of “trying to act middle class” despite her privileged lifestyle.

During an episode of Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast, Kim spoke openly about the difficulties of being a single mother to her children—9-year-old North, 7-year-old Saint, 5-year-old Chicago, and 4-year-old Psalm.

She admitted to struggling with their mood swings and feeling overwhelmed at times with no one to lean on for support.

Reflecting on the profound lessons parenting has taught her, Kim shared, “It has been the most challenging thing. There are nights I cry myself to sleep, like, What just happened? With all the moods and the personalities.”

She acknowledged that she often plays the roles of both the “good cop” and the “bad cop” without any backup, which presents its own set of challenges.

Kim also shed light on the turmoil she faces as a mother, describing how her life turns upside down during her children’s tantrums.

She explained, “Sometimes, it’s nights where we are going hour by hour to see if we’re gonna survive. Night by night. If a tantrum comes in, oh my god. Your life is completely upside down.”

While Kim’s comments resonated with many, they also sparked a divide among online audiences. Critics pointed out that she fails to acknowledge the support she receives, often relying on multiple nannies.

Some accused her of feigning middle-class struggles while benefiting from a staff of helpers.

Amid the backlash, supporters defended Kim, emphasizing that regardless of her wealth and assistance, being a single parent to four children is undeniably challenging.

They argued that her experiences and emotions are valid, despite her financial advantages.

The controversy surrounding Kim’s remarks is not a first-time occurrence.

In the past, she faced criticism for downplaying her privilege while offering advice to women in business and discussing her upbringing.

Despite the negative response, Kim’s defenders highlight the importance of acknowledging her own struggles and pain, independent of her fame and wealth.

Ultimately, the debate surrounding Kim’s statements reflects the complexities of her public image.

While some scrutinize her for not fully acknowledging her privilege, others believe that being a single parent is universally demanding, regardless of one’s financial resources.

Watch the podcast below:

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