Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Claimed She “Doesn’t Cook” Because She “Has a Chef”, so Kim has Set the Record Straight


Kim Kardashian had an eventful Mother’s Day, receiving both hilarious and heartwarming messages from her children.

While her daughter Chicago playfully called her out for not cooking, her other children expressed their love and gratitude through a special video card organized by her sister Khloé Kardashian.

Chicago’s card humorously stated that her mom doesn’t cook and has a chef instead, eliciting a funny response from Kim.

However, the handwriting seemed too neat for a five-year-old, suggesting that Khloé may have helped in transcribing the answers. Chicago guessed her mother’s age as 22, which amused Kim.

The card revealed that Kim’s favorite food is salad, and Chicago cheekily mentioned that the best thing her mom cooks is salad. She also shared that her mother enjoys sleeping with her and relaxing by lying down in her bed. Chicago expressed her love for playing with her mom and recognized her as someone special because of the love she shows.

Burn! Asked about the 'best thing' her mother cooked, Chicago didn't hold back. 'Mom doesn't cook. She has a chef'

Kim shared a video on Instagram Stories, showcasing the multimedia card she received.

The card featured a small tablet or video screen inside a pink envelope. As Kim opened it, a video began playing, with her son Psalm wishing her a happy Mother’s Day. Chicago then hopped into the frame playfully. Kim’s eldest daughter, North, also appeared in the video, expressing her love and appreciation for her mother.

Mature: 'You are the best in the world. You make my day everyday, added Kim's oldest daughter North as she addressed the camera in more reserved fashion

Saint, Kim’s other son, delivered a heartfelt message, apologizing for his past rudeness and emphasizing how much his mother means to him.

He humorously declared Kim as his favorite family member, even surpassing his little brother, Psalm. The touching video deeply moved Kim, prompting her to repost a longer version of Saint’s message separately.

Later, Kim addressed Chicago’s claim about her not cooking and set the record straight by sharing a post featuring her making beeshee, traditional Armenian pancakes.

See below:

Yum! Kim defended her cooking skills, so she added in a follow-up post that 'Chi was wrong, I do cook. LOL.' She posted a photo of herself making beeshee, traditional Armenian pancakes

She also shared a picture of a delicious golden brown pancake with sugar on top, joking about what her late father would have said.

Sweet: She also shared a closeup of a golden brown pancake with a pile of sugar on it and joked about what her late father would have said

Kim also documented her Mother’s Day brunch preparations, revealing a beautifully set dining table outside Khloé’s house. She also captured moments of her peaceful walk through Khloé’s garden, appreciating the beauty of her sister’s property.

Gorgeous: Kim also include a short clip of a lovely stroll she took through Khloé's garden as she admired the beauty of her younger sister's estate

Kylie Jenner, Kim’s sister, shared her own Mother’s Day post, featuring adorable photos of her with her children, Aire and Stormi.

Mother of two: Her sister Kylie Jenner also shared her own loving post for Mother's Day. She shared a photo of herself in a robe holding her one-year-old son Aire, while her five-year-old daughter Stormi hid at her side bashfully. Both children wore cute pajama sets

Kourtney Kardashian showcased her daughter Penelope’s elaborate Mother’s Day surprise, decorating their staircase with rose petals and candles.

Whoa: Kylie's oldest sister Kourtney Kardashian revealed that her daughter Penelope, 10, had gone all out for Mother's Day. The reality star showed her staircase covered in rose petals and decorated with candles

The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kris Jenner, posted a heartfelt message, expressing gratitude for her children and her mother, MJ. She shared a series of throwback photos, including a vintage picture of herself with her stylish mother.

The whole gang: Kris included her daughters in her Mother's Day post, and she also paid tribute to her mother MJ

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