KSI Surprises Logan Paul with How much Money He’s made this Month on Twitter


KSI, the renowned YouTuber whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams ‘JJ’ Olatunji, recently shared some eye-opening financial insights about his Twitter (now known as X) earnings this month. Despite his staggering reported net worth of approximately £20 million and a colossal fan base of over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, KSI’s income from Twitter left many surprised.

In an unexpected revelation, KSI joined his PRIME business partner, Logan Paul, on episode 392 of imPaulsive, where they discussed various topics, including their upcoming PRIME card, their ongoing feud with Dillon Danis, and their revenue streams from Twitter (X).

KSI, who boasts an impressive nine million Twitter followers, disclosed, “I get pretty good impressions, in the hundreds of millions,” setting the stage for a startling revelation. He candidly stated that he had earned a mere $1590 for the entire month of August on the platform.

Logan Paul couldn’t help but highlight the stark contrast between Twitter earnings and their primary income source, YouTube. He pointed out the meager sum and emphasized how it paled in comparison to their YouTube earnings. KSI humorously acknowledged the difference, remarking, “Oh my god, yeah, I’m laughing on YouTube, whereas on Twitter I’m like ‘alright, cool, yeah.'”

As the podcast continued, KSI and Logan Paul delved into the topic of KSI’s upcoming bout against Tommy Fury, scheduled for October 14 in Manchester. Paul, ever the inquisitive host, asked Erling Haaland, the featured guest and Manchester City forward, for his prediction on the outcome of the match.

Haaland, seemingly caught off guard, took a moment to respond before offering an awkward, yet amusing, reply: “The other guy.” KSI, known for his infectious laughter, couldn’t help but react with humor, playfully saying, “Haaland, I hope you score no more goals!” The exchange added a lighthearted touch to the conversation.

Haaland also shared his observations about the fiery press conference leading up to the fight, which took an unexpected turn when John Fury, Tommy Fury’s father, unleashed his frustration by flipping tables and causing chaos on stage at the OVO Arena Wembley.

“I saw the press conference, it kicked off a bit there,” Haaland commented, acknowledging the intense atmosphere that prevailed before the tables went airborne. Tommy Fury had earlier stated his confidence, boldly declaring, “I said that I’d end this (YouTube boxing) in 12 months. I fought Jake Paul in February and I’m fighting this man (KSI) in October, and he will be done and YouTube boxing will be done. I only need one round (to win).”

In this intriguing exchange, KSI not only shared a surprising glimpse into his Twitter earnings but also added a dose of humor to the conversation, further fueling anticipation for his upcoming match against Tommy Fury. The podcast provided fans with an engaging and candid look at the multifaceted world of online entertainment and celebrity boxing.

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