Kylie Jenner Doppelgänger is Scarily Similar but is Dividing Fans on TikTok


A Kylie Jenner look-a-like on TikTok is dividing opinion online.

User @kjdrafts is the latest celeb doppelgänger to appear online and has gained over 4 million likes after posting just 13 videos, thanks to her similarities to billionaire, Kylie Jenner.




Pretend 😎

♬ original sound – KJ

Although, some people believe the similarities are just too good to be true.

One user commented:

“I FIGURED IT OUT GUYS.. It’s the reface app where she records her regular self then puts Kylie’s face,”

While another user added:

“I can’t believe there’s people believing this isn’t a deepfake when it glitches all the time.”


Reply to @harleenkaur6218

♬ original sound – KJ

A ‘deep fake’ refers to an image or video that has been created by using ‘deep learning’ which is a form of artificial intelligence to show a ‘fake’ person.

It is not entirely clear if this account is a deep fake or not, but the user never moved her hands over her face, which would show if she was using filters or not. People have also commented that there are glitches around her eyebrows and lips, which could indicate filters.

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