Lana Del Rey Escorted by Security after Glastonbury Organizers Cut Off Performance


Lana Del Rey’s fans were left disappointed and shocked at Glastonbury as security escorted her off the stage after her performance was abruptly cut short.

The 2023 Glastonbury festival has been filled with its fair share of drama, from Rina Sawayama’s call-out of Matty Healy to surprise appearances by Cate Blanchett and the Foo Fighters hiding behind the alias ‘The Churnups.’

Lewis Capaldi even received help from the audience during his set.

However, Lana Del Rey managed to take center stage in terms of the unexpected when she was escorted away by security before completing her set.

As the headliner of Glastonbury’s Other Stage on the night of June 24, Lana Del Rey drew thousands of fans eagerly waiting to witness her performance. However, several obstacles hindered her show, much to the disappointment of the audience.

To start, the singer appeared on stage about half an hour later than scheduled, offering an apology to the crowd and blaming her meticulous hair preparation for the delay. Consequently, she had to rush through the rest of her set, at one point even acknowledging that she was “about to rush this set to death.”

In addition to the time constraint, Del Rey had to omit several songs from her performance. But the challenges escalated when the power to her stage was abruptly cut off, leaving her without a microphone and six songs remaining, including fan favorites like “Summertime Sadness” and “Video Games.”

Expressing her deep regret, Del Rey addressed the thousands-strong audience, offering profuse apologies for the difficulties encountered. In a bid to connect with her fans, she stepped off the stage and initiated an impromptu a cappella performance, hoping to salvage some of her most iconic songs. The crowd joined her in singing as she walked among them.

However, the Glastonbury security team intervened, much to the disappointment of her loyal fans who called out to her. Del Rey managed to wave back briefly as she was ushered away, bringing an abrupt end to her set.

It’s worth noting that the security’s actions were not simply an arbitrary decision based on time constraints. Glastonbury festival has a curfew for its headline acts, and exceeding the designated time could result in complications for the event organizers.

While smaller acts sometimes have the flexibility to extend their performances if the atmosphere is electric, headliners must adhere to a stricter timetable.

Overrunning the allotted time can lead to complications with the local council, as the festival requires a license to operate each year. By enforcing the curfew, Glastonbury aims to avoid potential repercussions that could jeopardize future editions of the iconic event.


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Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Lana Del Rey’s fans remain grateful for the moments they shared with their beloved artist. Her untimely exit from the stage will undoubtedly leave a lasting memory, showcasing the unpredictable nature of live performances and the challenges faced by artists at large-scale festivals like Glastonbury.

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