Lana Rhoades Says She’s Asexual and Wants Adult Movies Banned


Lana Rhoades says she is ‘pretty much asexual’ and believes that adult movies should be made ‘illegal’.

The 26-year-old joined the industry at age 19 for less than a year and shared her opinion on The Skinny Confidential podcast. She said:

‘I don’t think it’s good for anybody,’

Now a mother, the adult entertainer claims she was unsure of what she was getting into when she started her career aged 19. Claiming that she believes the industry puts young women in a vulnerable position:

“I also had only slept with one person at this point. So, I was very s*xually inexperienced.

“That’s why and for whatever reason I never comprehended like to do p*rn you actually have to have s*x with people.

“It’s just the idea of, oh okay, I’m going to be like Anna Nicole Smith or I’m going to be like Holly Madison or this person it was like an idea in my head but I wasn’t mature enough to realise what actually went into it.

“And very, very quickly I realised this isn’t for me.”

She went on to say “Honestly, I’m pretty much asexual.” adding that she does not ‘find people attractive’.

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