Larsa Pippen and Michael Jordan’s Son know their Relationship Looks ‘Awkward’ and ‘Weird’

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan addressed the curiosity and scrutiny surrounding their relationship, unfazed by the external opinions and speculations.

In a recent appearance on the “Pablo Torre Finds Out” show, the duo, whose connection might seem unexpected due to their family backgrounds in basketball history, discussed the dynamics of their romance.

Acknowledging the public perception of their relationship, Larsa, who was formerly married to NBA star Scottie Pippen for 24 years, expressed, “It’s awkward. It’s weird. I get it. But to us, it’s not weird. It’s probably weird to the world because our last names are known to basketball history.”

Despite the inevitable negative comments about their association, Larsa commented on the aesthetic perception, saying, “Aesthetically it probably doesn’t look good. Just to hear of it, it doesn’t resonate well with people.”

She emphasized that the relationship has many more positives than negatives and avoided discussing her previous husband, Marcus’ father, or her involvement with Michael Jordan.

Marcus Jordan shared that his father, Michael Jordan, doesn’t interfere in his dating life, mentioning his father’s advice: “The main thing from my dad was, ‘you’re a grown ass man… you can make your own decisions.’” He clarified his father’s stance, stating, “Ultimately as long as I’m happy, he’s happy.”

Asserting their comfort with the relationship, Marcus dismissed the doubts about its authenticity, saying, “I just feel like we’re living in our truth and anybody that isn’t happy about it can piss off.”

Despite the assumptions of an engagement after Larsa was spotted with a diamond ring, the couple clarified it as a “promise ring” on their podcast “Separation Anxiety.” The ring could possibly feature on an episode of “RHOM,” which airs on Wednesday, November 1.

The romance between Pippen and Jordan became public in January, two years after Larsa finalized her divorce from Scottie Pippen in December 2021. The couple confirmed their link in September 2022, bringing their relationship into the public eye after Larsa’s long marriage to Scottie Pippen, with whom she shares four children.

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