Larsa Pippen’s Valentine’s Day Post Has Everyone Making Same Joke


Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, who initially claimed to be just good friends, have expressed their affection for each other on social media, signaling that their relationship is getting more serious.

On Valentine’s Day, the two took to Instagram to share sweet messages to one another.

Larsa, 48, posted a photo of the couple holding hands on a sandy beach, with a caption that read, “My forever Valentine.”

The model and reality TV star referred to Marcus, 32, as her “forever” mate, which suggests that their relationship is more than just a casual fling.

Marcus responded to Larsa’s post by writing, “4eva,” accompanied by a red heart and a flame emoji, echoing her sentiment of eternal love.

He also shared a photo of Larsa with two bouquets of flowers on his own Instagram, captioning it with “Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe.”

Larsa reshared Marcus’s post and left a comment on top of it, using the L-word to express her love for him. These public displays of affection come just days after the two were spotted sharing a secret handshake that ended with a kiss.

This new development in Larsa and Marcus’s relationship has sparked curiosity and excitement among their followers. Many are eager to learn more about the couple’s history and how they became romantically involved. While some have expressed skepticism, others have congratulated the lovebirds and wished them well.

As for Larsa and Marcus, they seem to be reveling in their newfound romance and are not afraid to show their affection for one another. Their Valentine’s Day posts are just the latest indication that their relationship is becoming more serious and that they are committed to each other.

In the words of Larsa, Marcus is her “forever” mate, and in the words of Marcus, their love is “4eva.” Congratulations to the happy couple on their blossoming romance!

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