Legal Experts Say the Depp V Heard Case Could Go On Much Longer After a Verdict is Reached


Legal experts say that the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation trial could go on much longer after a verdict is reached by the jury.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued Heard after she penned an op-ed in The Washington Post descrbing herself as a victim of domestic abuse.

The article did not mention Depp by name but the 58-year-old argued that his career has been negatively impacted because of these allegations.

The jury is currently deliberating and are expected to come up with a verdict soon.

According to legal analyst Dina Doll, regardless of the outcome:

‘if either one of them loses and is asked to pay damages they will certainly appeal their case’.

Doll told the Law & Crime Network:

“When you appeal your case you’re asking the Court of Appeals to say there was a mistake in the law,”

“You’re not really looking at the facts again, the jury has already decided the facts.”

“But maybe the judge made a ruling on what evidence should come in or what should come out.”

“Or the jury instructions were worded in a way that there is some case law to rebut it.”

“I think if either side loses there will be an appeal,”

Watch below:

So, it may not all be over just yet…

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