Lia Thomas and Other Transgender Swimmers are Banned from Competing Against Women


Lia Thomas and other transgender swimmers have been banned from competing against women.

Thomas was the first Transgender swimmer to win the 500-yard freestyle event at the US collegiate championships in Atlanta with a time of 4 minutes 33:24.

FINA, which is the world swimming governing body, has created a new policy to stop transgender women from competing in women’s races.

Under new rules, transgender women are only allowed to race in women’s races if they completed their transition by the age of 12.

Transgender women will also have to prove that they are suppressing their testosterone levels.

A committee came to the agreement that biological women ‘cannot compete’ against any individual that has gone through male puberty as they will have higher levels of testosterone.

FINA is creating a new ‘open category’ for all transgender athletes to compete against one another.

This new rule prevents Thomas from competing against biological women in any events leading up to the Olympics.

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