Logan Paul and KSI Revealed how Much Money Prime Energy is Making


Logan Paul and KSI recently revealed how much money Prime Energy drinks has been making.

The pair have recently become the official sports drink of Dana White’s UFC, signing a significant deal that will give them a massive platform.

The duo had been promoting Prime as the ‘hottest sports drink’ in the lead-up to the announcement, and it seems they might have been right.

In an appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on KISS FM in Australia, KSI and Logan Paul discussed the success of Prime Energy Drink.

The numbers revealed were astonishing, and it turns out that the brand has been making significantly more than anyone could have imagined.

Logan Paul caught the radio hosts by surprise when he revealed the figures, stating that “In year one we cleared $250million in retail sales and $110 million gross internally.”

He also disclosed that in January of this year, they had made $45 million in sales, which indicates that they could more than double their 2022 sales.

While Logan Paul didn’t divulge how they tracked the code, he did suggest that they had uncovered the secret to marketing, stating that “We definitely cracked the code. We hit a few really important things that are a staple marketing ploy of this generation.”

The Prime Energy Drink x UFC collaboration was revealed at the end of January, with Logan Paul hinting at a major UFC announcement. Fans had speculated that the announcement would be related to the energy drink.

KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Energy Drink has supplanted BodyArmor as the official energy drink of the UFC, and the implications of the staggering numbers for their net worth are still unclear.

Logan’s net worth is estimated to be between $40 and $245 million, depending on the source. Some outlets suggest that he makes $10 million per month.

With these astonishing figures, it’s clear that the duo’s marketing strategy has been a resounding success. The partnership with the UFC will undoubtedly serve as a platform for them to grow the brand even further.

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