Logan Paul Says Floyd Mayweather is Going to Prison for Not Paying Millions Owed for Their Fight


Logan Paul says Floyd Mayweather is going to prison for not paying the millions he owed for their fight.

The 27-year-old told TMZ that he is taking the boxer to court for avoiding paying him the money he is owed – he expects Mayweather to go to prison.

The publication spoke to Paul at Hard Rock Cafe in New York City last week and when asked if Mayweather had paid him, he had this to say:

“he has not paid me in full, that is a fact”

“short a few [million]”

“we’re taking this to the court”

When asked if he had spoken to Mayweather’s side to try and work it out, he said it was too late for that, adding while laughing:

“see ya in the courtroom. CONGRATS you’re going to prison, Floyd”

The 45-year-old who promoted the fight under his Mayweather Productions Banner has claimed that he made $100 million for the fight.

Watch Paul’s interview with TMZ below:

This is a court case I’d watch.

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