Logan Paul Suffers Serious Injury During WWE Crown Jewel


Logan Paul has suffered an injury at the WWE Crown Jewel match against Roman Reigns.

The YouTube star officially signed with WWE recently and unfortunately, ended up injured at his most recent fight.

He even stopped to show boat by taking videos while in the ring, watch below:

Admitting to fans that he had injured himself, Paul took to social media to share the news:
‘torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACL happened halfway through the match. keep y’all updated’

Unfortunately, he lost his fight against Reigns and with his injury, if Logan has torn his ACL it is potentially the end of his WWE career, at least for a period of time, as this injury would take between six to nine months to heal.

The YouTube stars brother Jake surprised fans by appearing in the ring to help out. Having teased fans about a potential crossover from boxing to WWE, fans were delighted to see him there.
We wish Logan a speedy recovery!

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