Love Island Fans Horrified as Gemma Owen Reveals Age When She Broke-Up with ex Jacques


Love Island fans were left shocked when they found out what age Gemma was when she split with her ex Jacques.

Gemma revealed that she broke up with the 23-year-old rugby player a year and a half ago and that their relationship ended after eight months.

Some fans took to twitter to share their thoughts:

“Broke up a year and a half ago… So he was with you when you were 16”

“So she was 17 when they broke up…”

“Jacques is an immediate no for dating a teenager. I’m disgusted.”

“Soooo she was 17 when she was w him????”

“OMG it gets worse! She was still in school and he was like 21?!?! Nah sorry mate but that’s all kinds of wrong,”

“So confirmed they broke up a year and a half ago (when she was 17) and dated for like 8 months,”


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