Love Island Remi Accuses Jacques and Luca of ‘Bullying’ Him


Love Island Remi has accused Jacques and Luca of ‘bullying’ him and claims that if he wasn’t ‘strong’ he may have ‘done something stupid’.

The three contestants took part in a joint Instagram live over the weekend.

During the live, Jacques was reading the comments coming in and thought that Remi wrote:

 “what are you boys saying about me and my rapping?”

It ended up being from a fake account but Jacques responded:

 ‘I said it’s really really good, you should turn pro’

Remi then proceeded to write a post claiming that Luca and Jacques were bullying him while they were in the villa together, even going so far as to claim they should have been kicked out for the behaviour.

Remi, who received a lot of support on his social media post about the alleged bullying, appears to have unfollowed Jacques on Instagram. 


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