Love Island Viewers ‘Work Out’ Why Dami Looks so ‘Moody’ at Explosive Reunion


Love Island fans think they have ‘worked out’ why Dami looks ‘moody’ at the reunion.

Viewers who tuned in on Sunday evening noticed that Dami Hope appeared to be a little off during the show.

Host Laura Whitmore asked all the finalist couples how they were doing and Dami looked a little fed up and said he felt “tired”.

Fans were quick to share their thoughts on Twitter with some saying:

 “Is dami… okay? Looking very vexed #LoveIslandReunion.”

“Dami looks bored af. Lmao #loveisland #loveislandreunion,”

“dami looks bare moody wth #loveislandreunion.”

“Why does Dami look like he wants to swing on somebody? #loveislandreunion,”

“Dami looks bored and rightfully so #LoveIsland #loveislandreunion.”

“I have always sensed that something is off with this couple, I like Indiyah but Dami comes off as beyond arrogant and obnoxious.”

“Dami just sitting through that barely giving any effort & Inidyah so bubbly, happy & cute. Man, show up for your girl. Indiyah seriously looked gorgeous.”

“dami and indiyah 100% had an argument before they filmed this omg #loveisland #loveislandreunion.”

The host asked later in the show:

“So you’re still next to each other when you wake up?”

To which Indiyah repaired “yeah, of course” while Dami snapped:

“Well, where else would we be?”

Laura said:

“Okay just checking, just checking!”

So awkward…

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