Love Island’s Billy Brown Admits He has Two Main Regrets from his Time on the Show


Love Island star Billy Brown had admitted he has two main regrets from his time in the villa.

The roofing company director was kicked out the villa last night and looking back at his journey, he has some regrets.

When asked how he feels about leaving the show, Billy said:

“I feel fine. The reason I did that was because I didn’t want to waste time. I said to Danica that ‘I’d rather tell you now that I haven’t felt that click rather than just carry on and we’re not going anywhere.’

“I’d rather leave and know that I’ve been true to myself rather than drag it on and pretend we’re a happy couple when we’re not. We did have good times but it wasn’t a romantic thing. There is no bad blood there.”

“The challenge, I would’ve snogged Danica instead of Gemma. But the only reason I did that was because I knew Gemma was going to pie me and I thought, ‘I’ll have a bit of banter, give her a peck and laugh it off,'”

“But it turned and didn’t come out the best way and that’s my fault. And telling the boys in the morning what happened with me and Danica, I’d change that as well.”

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