Machine Gun Kelly Slammed For Kendall Jenner Comments When She Was 17


Machine Gun Kelly may have had one of the best weeks of his life after Megan Fox accepted his bizarre marriage proposal.

But the internet isn’t going to let him celebrate in peace, after an old interview has resurfaced and it’s seriously creepy.

Machine Gun Kelly (who wants you to stop calling him that) named Kendall Jenner as his celebrity crush when she was 17, and his comments are disgusting TikTok.

He said:

“I don’t care who my first celebrity crush was cause right now it’s Kendall Jenner.

“God d**n I’ve said that so many motherf***ing times, I hope that I’m snagging that.”

“Don’t let me move to LA.

“Oof, I’m finding her.”

Then he took the creepiness to a whole new level after he was asked ‘are you waiting for her to turn 18?’

He replied:

“I’m not waiting ‘til she’s 18, I’ll go now. I’m 23 dog I’m not like a creepy age you know.

“I’m 23, she’s 17, and she’s a celebrity, there is no limits right there.”

He then started listing rock stars who had allegedly slept with young fans.

“I don’t care. Say what you want man. If Kendall Jenner was in your bedroom naked and you’re 50, you’re going.”

Here’s the video:


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