Maisie Smith Praised for Showing ‘Thunder Thighs’ in Body Confident Bikini Post


Maisie Smith has been praised for posting a body positive bikini video on TikTok.

The Eastenders actress showed off her “thunder thighs” in a string bikini while balancing along the edge of a pool.

The 21-year-old danced and lip synced to a clip of the viral hit “Victoria’s Secret” by Jax. With the lyrics:

 “I wish somebody would’ve told me that thighs of thunder meant normal human thighs”.

“The f****** pressure I was under, to lose my appetite,”

Watch below:


Feel like this sound was made for me

♬ Victoria’s Secret – Jax

The actress has been open about her relationship with her body, stating that she has always “hated her legs” in the past.

She revealed that being on Strictly Come Dancing made her feel way more confident about her body.

She told The Sun: 

“Strictly was a game-changer for me. I’ve always hated my legs and my cellulite. When I was at school, I was the only one who had it. When I went to parties I wouldn’t get my legs out. I would wear trousers all summer,”

Go Maisie!

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