Man at Flat Earth Convention Shares Bizarre Belief there’s More than One Sun in Mocking Interview


At the Flat Earth Convention, an individual shared an utterly unusual belief that there’s more than one sun, sparking an interview that left many in disbelief.

Comedian Jason Selvig caught up with this person outside the convention in New York and inquired about the Sun’s position in a flat Earth model. The individual made an astounding assertion, stating, “When you say the Sun, there is no the Sun. Everybody has their own sun.”

Expressing the belief that each person has a personal sun, the individual, bearing a resemblance to David Letterman, tried to clarify further, saying, “There’s a different sun for everybody.”

Selvig, understandably bewildered, inquired whether this meant multiple suns exist, varying from one place to another like in New York and Las Vegas.

“So, how many suns are there?” Selvig asked.

The Flat-Earther responded, “As many people who are viewing it.”

Disputing the notion, Selvig joked, “So there are over seven billion suns, sir? I think not.” The individual doubled down, claiming, “The Sun is only 50 miles away at any given time,” stunning Selvig with this assertion.

To elucidate further, the individual made a comparison, likening the Sun’s behavior to a rainbow, explaining, “The closer you move to it, the farther it moves from you.”

Despite scientific consensus about the Sun being a massive ball of gas, the Flat-Earther dismissed it as untrue. The conversation continued with the individual asserting that the Sun is actually cold.

The video, released on November 2, quickly gained 1.5 million views, prompting numerous individuals to jest about the peculiar theories presented.

Responding to the video, one commenter humorously remarked, “Damn!!! So many facts in so little time.”

Referring to global warming, another person sarcastically commented, “Ahh the feeling of the cold Sun putting warm rays on my face while watching it melt the snow.”

Other viewers praised Selvig’s interview skills, describing it as one of his best.

While humor prevailed in the comment section, another person added a touch of reality, referring to an Italian couple who attempted to sail to the so-called edge of the Earth during the pandemic but ended up only reaching Ustica from Venice, instead of the speculated edge.

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