Man Buys Wife Gift to Apologize After Recognizing Mia Khalifa in Their Hotel


A TikToker‘s husband bought her an extravagant gift after he recognized former porn star, Mia Khalifa, while on their honeymoon.

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Literal, actual, unbelievably true story ☠️ go to @lyamariella’s page to see the saga of how we met on TikTok to now this 😭😭

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Khalifa, now a social media personality but former adult star, was spotted by Lya Mariella’s new husband while the happy couple were in Paris on their honeymoon.

In a TikTok, Mariella claimed that her brand new husband got “way too excited” after spotting her and “text all of his guy friends”…

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Probably not the wisest move on your honeymoon…In order to rectify his monumental error, he decided to buy his wife a Birkin bag. (For point of reference, the cheapest Birkin bag costs around $6,000)

The luxury apology gift seemed to do the trick, considering only hours after the original video was posted, another TikTok was uploaded with Mia and Lya, filmed by the husband.

Khalifa jokes:

“I’m here at the christening of the Birkin… we’re not going to dunk it in water because we don’t do that to a Birkin,”

“This was the best meeting ever and also her husband that we were talking s**t about is the one filming this right now.”

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Couldn’t have done it without ya babe 🫶@miakhalifa #birkin #fyp #birkinbag #hermes #paris #honeymoondiaries #miakhalifa #godmother #parisshopping

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At least she can laugh about it now…

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